Secretaria Especial de Legislação e Órgãos Colegiados

The Coordenadoria dos Órgãos Colegiados (Coordination of Collegiate Bodies) (COC), bound to the University Presidency, is responsible for the supervision, execution and assistance of the actvities which are relevant to the higher collegiate bodies of UFMS, as well as providing technical and administrative support to the standing comittes of the university.

The COC is responsible for a series of technical end executive duties, such as coordinating and performing secretarial functions of the plenary jobs of the Consleho Universitário (University Board), the Conselho Diretor (Board of Directors), the Conselho de Ensino de Graduação (Undergraduate Education Board), the Conselho de Pesquisa e Pós-graduação (Board of Research and Graduate School) and the Conselho de Extensão, Cultura e Assuntos Estudantis (Board of Extention, Culture and Student Matters). In these boards, the COC organizes the meeting agendas for the approval of the president and sends them to the board members. The COC assists the Presidente dos Conselhos Superiores (President of the Higher Boards) during these pleanry sessions and provides the clarification requested during the debates.

It is also of the COC’s responsability to instruct the existing processes and wording the resolutoins relevant to each work, publishing them after the signature. In order for the work to have a permanent monitoring, it is the COC’s responsability to elaborate the systematic managing reports and to develop activities inside its area of operation.


Conselho de Ensino de Graduação (Undergraduate Education Board)
Conselho de Extensão, Cultura e Assuntos Estudantis (Board of Extention, Culture and Student Matters)
Conselho de Pesquisa, Pós-Graduação e Inovação (Board of Research, Graduate School and Inovation)
Conselho Diretor (Board of Directors)
Conselho Universitário (University Board)
Documentos de Interesse Geral (Documents of General Interest)