Location of the UFMS campuses

The Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul) (UFMS) is located in a state of well known geographic privilege.

Mato Grosso do Sul is in the center of South America and, in addition to bordering five brazilian states – Paraná, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goiás e Mato Grosso -, it also borders two coutries – Paraguay and Bolivia -; which offers UFMS relevant cultural exchanges.

The State is also home to the largest floodplain in the world, the Pantanal, considered by Unesco to be a Natural World Herritage. Pantanal covers 25% of Mato Grosso do Sul’s territory, the area of which exceeds 357 thousand km². The biome is made up of a rich ecological complex, with a wide variety of minerals and plants, and therefore, a vast source for academic research.

The University has campuses in 10 cities in the interior of the state: Aquidauana, Bonito, Chapadão do Sul, Corumbá, Coxim, Naviraí, Nova Andradina, Paranaíba, Ponta Porã and Três Lagoas. The main UFMS campus and aministrative headquarters form the Cidede Universitária (University City), located in Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso do Sul.


Locate yourself inside UFMS

Those who step for the first time in the UFMS campus in Campo Grande, certainly find it difficult to locate themselves inside the campus. The map below serves to help and reduce said difficulty:

Cidade Universitária – Caixa Postal 549
79070-900 – Campo Grande – MS
PABX: (67) 3345-7000 – Fax: (67) 3345-7015
E-mail: reitoria@ufms.br