Internal Audit

The Auditoria Interna (Internal Audit) is the body responsible for promoting the control of the legality, legitimacy and the evaluation of the results regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the budget, financial and patrimonial managements of UFMS, aiming to strengthen and advise the higher administration of the university, seeking to add value to the management according to constitutional and legal principles.

The Intern Audit’s activities permeate all areas of UFMS., providing guidance to the administrators regarding the prinicples and standards of internal control and therefore, being characterised as preventive work in relation to the use of public resources.

Since it is a body of internal control and result evaluation, the Audit is directly subordinated to the UFMS President and is subject to normative guidance and technical supervision from the Sistema de Controle Interno do Poder Executivo Federal (Sistem of Internal Control of the Federal Executive Branch), providing support to the bodies and units that incoporate it, according to article 15 of the decree no. 3,591 of September 6th, 2000. This technical binding aims to provide quality to the work and effectiveness to the results of the Audit.


• André Rodrigo Brites de Assunção
• Andréia Costa Maldonado
• Anne Caroline Silveira
• Augusta Mont Serrat Dutra Catelan Ribeiro
• Kleber Watanabe Cunha Martins
• Lenice Carrilho de Oliveira Moreira

Chief: Kleber Watanabe Cunha Martins
Phones: (67) 3345-7975 / 3345-7976 / 3345-7977