UFMS relies on three buses that circulate inside the university.

Buses for internal trasfer

Since April 15th of 2011, UFMS makes buses available for the transfer of students and servants between the Central Library, the Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia (Faculty of Veterinary Medicina and Animal Sciences) and the Instituto de Química (Chemistry Institute). The bus leaves from Monday to Friday from the Central Library and the Chemistry Institute. The departures occur every hour.

To use a UFMS bus, it is necessary for the students to identify themselves with a student card or a library card.

Click here to see a timetable.

506 Line – Roselândia

The 506 Line’s route inside UFMS is in the direction UFMS → Terminal Morenão.

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511 Line – Dr. Albuquerque / Tropical

The 511 Line’s route inside UFMS is in the direction Terminal Morenão → UFMS.

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