MEC Financial Aid

In general, the Programa de Bolsa Permanência (Financial Aid Program) – PBP is a Federal Government action that grants financial aid to students enrolled in federal institutions of higher education in situations of economic vulnerability and to indigenous and “quilombola” students. The resource is paid directly to the undergraduate student through a benfit card. For more information click here.

Financial Aid

It is a financial transfer to the student in situations of economic vulnerability, in order to contribute to the student’s basic expenses during his/her graduate study in the University. For more information click here.

Promissaes Scholarship

The Projeto Milton Santos de Acesso ao Ensino Superior (Milton Santos Access to Higher Education Project) (Promisaes) aims to enhance technical, scientific and cultural cooperation between Brazil and other countries with which it mantains agreements – especially african countries- regarding education and culture.

The project offers financial aid in the amount of six hundred twenty-two reais to foreign students participating in the Programa de Estudantes-Convênio de Graduação (PEC-G), regularly enrolled in undergraduate courses in federal institutions of higher education. The aid seeks to cooperate in the maintenance of the students during their studies, since many of them come from poor countries. For more information click here.

Extension Scholarship

The University Extension, under the constitutional principle of the conection between education, research and extension, is the interdisciplinary, educational, cultural, scientific and politic process that promotes the transforming interaction between the University and other sector of the society.

Only proposals that effectively articulate education and research and that have members of the social demands community as the primary target audience can be admitted as university extension. For more information click here.

Science with no Boundaries

Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science with no Boundaries) is a program that aims to promote the consolidation, expansion and internationalization of the scinece and technology, inovation and brazilian competitiveness through international exchange and mobility. For more information click here.